What is Type 1 Medical Penis Enlargement?

There are many types of penis extenders in the market but since our world is full of scams, no one can be sure of the real and fake. Many are using substandard materials and we are not sure on how the apparatus are constructed. Penis extenders involve traction to be effective wherein it is applied to the penis hoping that it would lengthen the penis. But once the apparatus is not guaranteed to be safe or not even tested, you cannot rely on it in enlarging the penis. Well to ensure that the apparatus works well, you must check its components, the extent of technology associated with its application and the most important one is to check the materials used with the device.

To be sure that the penis extender is effective, it should meet and pass the requirements based on the European regulations in which an extender comply with consumer safety concerns and followed health and environmental regulations.Type 1 Medical Penis Enlargement

CE Certification

CE Certification is defined as European conformity or Conformite Europeenne in French. A penis extender having the label CE is referred to as type 1 medical device. This means that the extender you have chosen is a high quality device which is proven safe medically endorsed and is capable of satisfying consumer according to their expectation.

Global Recognition

A product with CE mark is recognized globally. They are look by America and other countries of the world for its high requirements and renowned publications. This means that this certain extender with CE mark is being used all over the world proving its effectiveness and safety.

Be Aware of Imitators

Products coming from China also carry the CE mark but instead it stands for “China Export”. These products however do not hold the value of the European conformity although both marks have similarities thus confusing consumers in identifying the real European CE mark. Sometimes the fake CE mark is even promoted by some companies which mean that they cannot clearly identify the Chinese from European origins. They should therefore indicate type 1 medical device to the original one.

Penis Extenders that are Classified as Type 1 Medical Penis Enlargement Systems

A CE certified device is one that is comfortable and easy to manage. There are some which does not have proper equipment to ensure that each man is satisfied in wearing the device but of course there’s always an exemption. Penis extenders that use comfort straps can be more effective in assisting men in enlarging their penis size more comfortably. These ones are classified under Type 1 Medical Penis Enlargement.

The top two most effective penis extenders are SizeGenetics and X4 Labs. Both provide comfort straps that can be worn in several ways in accordance with supporting the penis in the most comfortable way.

Although the key to success in penis enlargement is having the right information and finding a reliable source you should not forget to check for the CE mark if you’re going to avail penile traction. This is the best license you will have to get the best device.