Top 4 Penis Extenders Compared

There are many penis extenders you will find in the market. Each of them had their own advantages to bring but others may fool you just to get a huge sum of money from your bank account. It is then very crucial that even when others claim their brand to be the best, you still have to make your own research. It is your responsibility to know these brands better before making a purchase.

In this article, the 4 top penis extenders are being compared. The pros are not the only one to be discussed but also the cons of using these penis extenders. Be aware that a product that has an advantage, will also has disadvantage and this includes penile stretcher. The top 4 penis extenders compared here are Vimax, Jes Extender, Pro extender and Size Genetics.Penis Extenders Compared

Product #1: Size Genetics

This is the number one penis extender available in the market as of today. When buying this device, it comes together with a set of box which consists of all the tools that are needed in making your male organ bigger on your everyday routines. This is not similar to other penile extenders in terms of quantity. SizeGenetics provide the biggest result however the con of this type of penile stretcher is that it costs too much. It belongs to the most expensive penis extender but not as expensive as the Pro extender and X4 Labs.

If you will try to look into the names mentioned above, you will always have doubts about which one is really the best. Well, these penis extenders have their own pros and cons to bring. At the end of the day, your decision is all that matters anyway. You have to be very diligent when selecting a partner for penis enlargement. Doing this will assure you of your safety.

Product #2: Pro Extender

The third penis extender which is on the top four is the pro extender which is known as a revolutionary penile stretcher. It is called revolutionary because it’s one of a kind. The design used by the manufacturer is very unique. The known con of this type of extender is that it is too tight when put on the head of the penis and it has the capability of cutting it off if you do not take proper precaution when using it.

Product #3: Jes Extender

Jes extender is a little bit smaller than Vimax Extenders however it is more expensive than vimax. The design of both extenders is almost the same. One known con of Jes Extender is that it is somewhat painful when putting it on.

Product #4: Vimax

Among the penile stretchers on the market, Vimax is one of the smallest type of penis extenders found online. This is specifically made to be portable and small and it is not that expensive. The fact is vimax is the cheapest penile stretchers in existence. The con of using this penile stretcher is that it is not always comfortable to wear it.