ProExtender Review

# 2 ProExtenderrating

ProExtender Ratings
Size Increase Power 94/100
Speed of Results 95/100
Comfort 95/100
Safety 95/100
Customer’s Support 96/100
Overall 95/100
Price $299.95
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We all know that penis enlargement through surgery can be very risky and sometimes dangerous. This is the reason behind why Dr. Jorn Ege Siana came up with the traction device called ProExtender. It’s natural because it uses traction that will eventually increase the girth and length of the penis.

Does ProExtender Work?

The science behind this product speaks bundles about ProExtender. It has a very simple design that makes it easier for the user to understand the traction process. Just a light grip can be done to stretch the penis away from the body allowing for blood circulation and cellular division. This will eventually lead to the increase in length and girth of the penis.

It may take several months of using ProExtender to get it to work as it has promised. That is true with any other traction device in the market. During this duration of time, the penis is given time to heal and grow new tissues that will lead to lengthening.

You simply have to use the device several hours a day for half a year to see the results. It may take time to experience dramatic results but it is well worth it. Expect though that increase in penis size may differ from one user to another. The duration with which these results are seen may also vary. You should also be prepared to use it for a longer time to see substantial results on your penis.

How ProExtender Compares to SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics is for comfort. You can actually experience that with your first time of using the product. You will never complain. In the case of ProExtender though, comfort may be put in question because of the fact that there is slight discomfort some of you may experience with your first time of using the device. Soreness may also be experienced. In due time though, you may be adapted to the function of the device and these discomforts will be eliminated. For lesser tension, feel free to use the cushioned pads that come with the purchase of this traction device.

What We Like about ProExtender

  • ProExtender comes from a high-grade plastic source that will never break under tension.
  • It also has metal components that will help hold the device even under extreme pressure.
  • Your purchase of ProExtender also comes with two male enhancement supplements namely Semenax and VigRx Plus.

What We Don’t Like about ProExtender

The product is quite more expensive than SizeGenetics. With the discomfort it brings, you will surely opt for the other device.

Our Verdict on ProExtender

Some patience is needed with your use of ProExtender. If you want to prove how it works, you need to be able to adapt to these slow changes. Well, penis growth cannot be achieved overnight. It takes months to see results. Being a natural way to increase penis size, this is well worth it. Be prepared to pay $429.95 for the product. This is around $80 more expensive than SizeGenetics.

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