JesExtender Review

# 3 JesExtender

JesExtender Ratings
Size Increase Power 85/100
Speed of Results 80/100
Comfort 80/100
Safety 85/100
Customer’s Support 80/100
Overall 85/100
Price $190.65
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A non-surgical penis enhancement product – this is what JesExtender is all about. It is a traction device that makes it a natural option to increase penis girth and length. This technique has been proven to give you the size you have always wanted for your penis. Yes, it increases your penis size by helping with the body’s natural means to help in this process.

Does JesExtender Work?

This is one important question to ask when it comes to any penis extender you are purchasing out there. Many of the users of JesExtender (those that came before you) have vouched for its effectiveness along this line. With an increased penis length and girth due to traction, you are expected to rejoice over the confidence it brings. You can even use it even if you have penis imperfections. You can see results in a number of months.

The product has a padded material that is to be placed on the base of the penis. A ring comes next, one that has to be inserted on the penis tip then connected with rods that work for traction. From here, stretching of the penis may be experienced but not as quick as you think.

How JesExtender Compares to other Devices we Have Reviewed

The device, as compared to other devices, may be full of promises but again its comfort is placed in question, just like ProExtender. It may sound a good idea to use it if you want to increase your penis size. However, some problems like a slipping penis from the device may be experienced. To be able to lessen these things, you need to put the device properly on your penis and check that it really works according to your penis size.

What We Like about JesExtender

It is a very simple device for traction. It is not as complex as any other devices out there. It can be used according to instructions and when handled properly, you can never go wrong. Results wise, it may take time but it does provide the answer to your needs.

Also, it may be used with no special clothing requirement. Some other devices out there may require such investment so as to hide this device discretely. You can wear it with your pants without having to expose the fact that you are using it. This makes it a wise choice for many out there.

What We Don’t Like about JesExtender

The simplicity of the design may somehow put this device in question. This is because some users may have overlooked its simplicity making it more complex. This leads to troubles in putting the device on your penis and can result to slipping. You simply have to look over the guide and instructions that come with it.

Our Verdict

JesExtender is way cheaper than the first two brands we have reviewed. Priced at €179 ($231 approximately), it is sure to entice you to make a purchase. However, you also have to consider the hassles that may come in case you do not use it properly.