How to Know the Safest Medical Penis Enlargement?

To have a small penis is annoying. Not having that perfect penis size can spoil your night life. Women like bigger penis as muscular penis can turn them on. Is there a possibility to increase penis size? Yes there is! The use of penis enlargement device can increase the penis size in just a period of time and be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

About Penis Enlargement Medical Device

Doctors highly recommend a penis enlargement medical device since this is clinically proven as a safe alternative method to penis enlargement surgery. Besides being safe, penis device is also the cheapest way of penis enlargement.Safest Medical Penis Enlargement

Things to Consider When Buying a Penis Device

Many enlargement devices are available online so try to be careful of choosing the tight one. First, you have to check if the device is clinically proven and if it has comfortable rubber strap. The strap is the one that make sit comfortable to use and be effective.

How Do Penis Extenders Work?

Penis extenders work using the stretching mechanism or penis traction. It makes use of a traction device or a stretcher so as to exert constant and uniform traction on the penis which will cause the penis increase in both length and girth. Additionally, the penis must be worn in a certain period of time to achieve the desired length and girth increases.

Are Penis Extenders Safe?

Penis extenders are in the business for over 15 years. Besides being non-invasive, they also utilize natural and scientifically proven methods of traction and urologists worldwide have certified this device as safe. Such safety is being supported by the following:

  • Scientifically Proven

The International Journal of Impotence research (IJIR) conducted a study in 2002 about the effectiveness and safety of penis extenders as a way of penis enlargement. The result revealed that penis extenders are effective for penis enlargement as long as they are worn by a specific time.

  • Cellular/Microscopic Effects

Many men are afraid if their penises may experienced some “tearing” but luckily there is no found situation like this. Extenders brought their effects on penis enlargement by working at the cellular level which means that it’s the penis cells that are torn and not the penis itself. Tearing is not visible with the eyes, it can only be seen microscopically and it does not cause any pain.

  • Gradual Process

This process is what makes an extender safe and effective as they mimic the natural process of mitosis known as cellular division. The cells of the penis undergo a rapid but gradual division in order to fill up the spaces cause by tearing. This will result then to the enlargement of the penis. This process is supported by the researchers of the University of Turin in 2009 which is published in British Journal of Urology. This method causes a gradual increase in penis size which is 30-40% of its original size. Erection quality is also improved as well as an increase in confidence.

  • Medical Grade Devices

Every country has its own standards for evaluating the safety of medical devices as well as international standards which each device must meet before they are approved for public use.

How to Stay Safe with Penis Extenders

Follow manufacturer’s instructions; read professional reviews; check out customer testimonials; ascertain company’s reputation…these are the ways to stay safe with penis extenders.